Stump Grinding

Want to Remove Unsightly Tree Stump Your Property?

Want to Remove Unsightly Tree Stump Your Property?

Richard's Tree Care Is Your Best Bet in Enid, Woodward & Ponca City, OK and Surrounding Areas

Richard's Tree Care offers residential and commercial stump grinding services in Enid, Woodward & Ponca City, OK. Stump grinding is an optional service offered after the removal of a tree. Most people don't want to look at or have to mow around an unsightly stump in their yard, so they will choose to have it ground. A stump grinder or stump cutter is a piece of equipment that has a rotating wheel with "teeth" that essentially eat into the stump, grinding it up into mulch. What is left will be a decent sized pile of mulch and dirt mixed, depending on the size of the stump. We then rake out the mulch/dirt mix into the surrounding area and fill the hole where the stump was.

What Are Some Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps?

  1. Stumps Aren't Pretty
  2. Stumps Are Hazardous
  3. Stumps Can Cause New Tree Growth
  4. Stumps Are A Pain To Mow Around
  5. Stumps Attract Insects
  6. Stumps Take Up Precious Yard Space

Residential and Commercial Tree Stump Removal Services For:

  1. Property Site Clearing
  2. Proposed Building Areas
  3. Fence Installations
  4. Commercial Property Site Development
  5. Driveway Installations